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Customer Ratings & Reviews for Lafaro Insurance Agency

33 Reviews | Leave a Review
After being nickel and dimed by my previous car insurance and seeing my rates rise again while I did nothing, I shopped around for car insurance and found myself settled on Erie Insurance. The Lafaro Insurance Agency was open, honest, and easy to work with. When I had a question, they answered it in a way that helped me understand my options and make the best choice for me. Their customer service was top-of-the-line and I felt like I was more than just another customer to them. I'm happy I found Lafaro Insurance Agency and I certainly hope that this insurance serves me well for years to come. 

The Lafaro Insurance agency worked with me on the insurance that I needed for my home, auto, and my business. They were kind and knowledgeable and able to walk me through each item, giving me plenty of examples so I would know exactly what I was agreeing to. It really was a pleasant experience, and I feel totally protected for the first time in many years. 

I deeply appreciate the excellent customer service from the entire team and the depth of knowledge and expertise displayed by each of them. I highly recommend them!

Doug and the rest of the crew were amazing. So helpful and friendly. They worked with me and got me quotes instantly so I could move forward in my home buying process. Even provided me with extra quotes for down the road if i want to change my coverages. If I knew how great they were to begin with I wouldn’t have looked anywhere else they Are the BEST!

I had recently purchased my first new car and needed insurance as quick as possible. Doug and Eric from Lafaro's spent a decent amount of time researching the best options for me and making sure I understood everything I needed to know in order to make the best decision for me. 10/10 would recommend to others.

What a relief getting all this stuff in place… you’re a great agent!

I shared your email with my husband, and I have to say, we were both impressed with your professionalism and honesty - you are someone we would like to work with. We appreciate you looking into other options and being frank about the services offered.

Thank you so much for catching the error and looking for other options. We are grateful for the help, as well as the care and concern you are taking to make sure that the error is corrected and we are reimbursed - this further strengthens my trust and confidence in you. Thank you.


 I want to thank you for going the extra distance to get my claim of February 1, 2018 resolved with Erie Insurance. It is a real pleasure to do business with you and it is nearly impossible to find the level of personal service that you provide in today’s hurried world. You can be assured of our continued business.

Thank you for your input. As always, your explanations are clear, to the point and timely. Very much appreciated. 

Thank you

Bob works tirelessly to provide excellent customer service.


I wanted to touch base with you.  I recently had my sump pump back up and got water in my 2-year old finished basement.  It was a nightmare but I wanted you to know how well Erie Insurance performed, mainly because of my Claims Adjuster, Zack Kavchak.  Zack was extremely professional and managed the entire situation with precision.  Zack was able to turn this terrible experience into a  very stress free situation and restore my basement back to its original form.  I can’t say enough good things about the job done by Zack and Erie Insurance.  Please pass this information on, as I am an extremely satisfied customer.  GREAT JOB!

Thank you,

Best insurance agent EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Bob, Thanks a lot for your personalized service. You can buy plenty of policies from outside vendors, but you and your awesome team provide 200% efforts and extreme satisfaction have no dollar value. The relationship created over the period is a priceless value. I always recommend your best service to any service industry. Respectfully Dennis Dennis Singham Starflight Enterprises, Inc

I want to thank Bob and the agents at Mantsch-Lafaro Insurance. I was recently in an urgent situation with two out of state properties when I found out that they were improperly insured with my current carriers. This was complicated because both properties were in other states, with one being a condo. I was told by my out of state Erie agent that they would no longer insure my condo because my main property was not with their agency so they were cancelling my policy. They also were not offering the correct liability insurance for a rental property with the new company they wanted to write with. They could not answer any of my questions. Bob was just the opposite. He knew explained everything in detail to me and pointed out several "red flags" in the proposed coverage from the other agent. Bob was able to continue my condo coverage with Erie Insurance when the other agency wouldn't do this. This all took some work on the part of Bob and his agents. The other property was even more difficult because of the state it is located in. But Bob and his agents were able to find good coverage when the other agencies were leaving off important coverages and telling me "it couldn't be done. They tried everything." Apparently, Bob and his staff have more experience and resources at their disposal because it could be done. And they did it. And not without significant leg work. They went above and beyond and I am beyond impressed with the service and the way I was kept informed at every step. They also assisted in getting out of state flood insurance. Thank you to Bob and his team at Mantsch-Lafaro. They are "insurance counselors," not just agents trying to get a policy. Nice to see that customer service is not a "thing of the past." Best regards, Jaci

I have my Auto and Renters policies through Mantsch-Lafaro. Bob is great and makes sure you have all the options before you make any decisions. I can't say enough about their dedication and my level of satisfaction.

A big thanks to you and Anita, great customer service.

Dear Bob,

I was surprised today. After fifty years of business ownership in various fields, I am no longer surprised by any day to day business transactions, but today brought a real surprise.  

In an effort to limit the company’s insurance costs I ordered limited specific coverage for our demonstration vessel. Transportation to and from boat shows, coverage at the shows and storage at our facility was the coverage I asked for. The damage that occurred while the boat was stored in Maryland over the winter was not covered because I failed to add the new storage location to the policy.  

Today’s surprise was when I learned that you added coverage for that location when the marina operator requested an ordinary certificate of liability. You included a physical damage clause to cover that location.  Thanks to your usual “ahead of the curve” thinking, we are covered for the damage caused during the brutal winter storms in the MD area.  

Your creativity and focus on our insurance needs for the boat company, residence, vehicles and commercial property has saved us a substantial amount of money over the years. But the real proof of how effectively you have guided our insurance needs was demonstrated today.  

The professionalism, integrity, hard work and just plain common sense displayed by your staff is a mirror of your skill and devotion to your clients.  

With great appreciation, 

I've had my Auto Insurance with Mantsch-Lafaro right from the start. No matter who I talk with in the office I know they are going to give me the best advice and information or suggest other coverages I may need. When it came time for a renters and PCL policy, they were there to answer all my questions and make sure my insurance needs were covered. They are Above All in sERvIcE!

Just emailed the annuity forms back to Beth. Just wanted to let you know that she has been wonderful to work with on this....she is so nice:) And she hasn't let any grass grow under her feet either as I know she is working diligently to expedite all of this as quickly as she can for me and it is much appreciated. You've got a real gem there!

Spent time talking and researching for me every option for the best coverage. Turned out what I had was the best choice for me and he prompted me to stay there, even though it didn't help him at all. Very good company, honest morals and friendly. What a blessing.

Professional agency! Great service! I highly recommend

I called Bob to hopefully get some answers to liability and worker comp insurance questions that my previous agent was unable to answer. Not only did he answer all my questions, he also gave me additional information about coverage I didn't have that was imperative to keeping my company, as well as my employees safe. He quickly got me a quote and upon discovering I would not only save a lot of money, but also have more extensive coverage, I signed on. When the policy came in Bob went over every detail of it with me, so I wouldn't have to "decipher" the code myself, and answered any questions until I was educated about what my coverage did and did not include. I've never before had such a professional, stress free experience with an insurance company or agent. Call Mantsch-Lafaro Insuarnce Agency and you'll get: 1. A live person on the phone. 2. Amazing service.

Great Agent …

Anita Smith

Mantsch-Lafaro Insurance Agency, Erie Branch

“Anita is absolutely amazing! She is always very willing to help and goes well beyond the ‘basics’ to find answers and to ensure customer satisfaction. She has been a very vital person in my life in terms of buying a house, getting a car and much more. I could not ask for a better person to deal with.”

I called your office a few months ago with an insurance question...for a book! Well, the book's out and here's a clip from the dedication of Dusted: A Maid in LA Mystery: And a very special thank you and shout out to the Mantsch-Lafaro Insurance Agency here in Erie. When I called with insurance questions for this book, I prefaced the questions with, “I know this is your strangest question of the day.” It was! But they really went above the call of duty to answer those questions for a work of fiction. Seriously, thank you ladies! And if any insurance info is wrong…that’s on me, not them! Just wanted to say thanks again!

Dear Beth:

Thanks a lot for the lovely cards and calendar. I do feel so happy, lucky and blessed to have Mantsch-Lafaro as my insurance agency. I know very well that all my expectations are meet.


Thank-you so much!  I wish all agents were this quick and knowledgeable :) !

Renee M. - ECHO Real Estate Services Company, E-Mail
Best move I have made this year!

I currently have a commercial auto policy with the Mantsch-Lafaro Insurance company. Bob was able to provide me with the coverage needed so that I am able to use my vehicle for pickup and delivery at a customers home. I would highly recommend this knowledgeable customer-friendly insurance company!

The associates at this buisness are very customer friendly and very quick and knowledgeable of the customers needs. I am very happy to have my home and car insurance with this agency and would recommend this agency to all my friends and famiily. I would even tell my worse enemy about them!

One happy go lucky customer!

Bob is the best agent we've ever had!  Not only is he the most knowledgeable agent I've ever known, his staff is always helpful and courteous and knowledgeable. Any time I have a question, I know we can call the agency and anyone there can help us.  Bob always check back to make sure we got all the information we need.  I highly recommend Mantsch Lafaro Insurance to anyone looking for a great agent/agency!

Robert’s Testimonial:

I was very impressed by your immediate response during my run in with a deer. My vehicle was repaired without hesitation by Bonnell Collision. I was completely satisfied by not only your quick payment, also I was not just some random number. Your agency truly cared about me and my transportation dilemma. Not many businesses practice such great ethics or don’t care to put forth the effort your agency has provided to me. Your great help and wonderful service has solidified my continued loyalty to Erie Insurance.

 P.S. I apologize for the tardiness of this letter of thanks, I’ve been dealing with family illness and death.



Robert E. Smock

Dear Mary,

 We want to "thank you" for the prompt and professional service you and your workers provided us in the redoing of our basement.  It was done very well and Erie Insurance can certainly be proud of the workers you employ.  Thank you and enjoy your Christmas season.

 Rosie & Jim DeSantis

I have been very happy with the insurance coverage that I have purchased from Bob Lafaro and The Mantsch-Lafaro Agency.  It gives me peace of mind knowing that I am protected in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

Bob is delightful to work with in that he is pleasant, personable, respectful and he provides whatever I need and want from him.  He visits in person, sends the policy info by email or CD, or helps me pay over the internet.  I have him come to my office occasionally just so I can say “Hello” to him in person.  I highly recommend Bob for any insurance needs.

Patricia B, LCSW, DCSW
Lafaro Insurance Agency received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 based on 31 reviews on
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