So, what is considered an earth movement? An earth movement can be a natural cause and/or the result of human or animal activity. Natural causes of earth movement include, but are not limited to, earthquakes (caused by shockwaves and tremors before, during or after volcanic activity), landslides, mudslides,mudflow, and/or subsidence. Other forms of earth movement would be sinking, rising, and shifting of the house on the property. In these cases, a property claim can only be made in the event of a fire brought on by the events stated above.
Of course, most of the natural disasters listed above are not preventable, so it is best to try and avoid the events in which there is some control over. In the case of bluff erosion, it is not 100% avoidable, but there are some ways in which the home owner could minimize the occurrence of events associated with bluff erosion. Bluff erosion could eventually cause landslides, mudslides, sinking, shifting, and subsidence.